Dentist: In The Chair for Kids

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This is a very short download for your kids to listen to while they are sitting in the Dentist's chair.  This download teaches them to tune into their Spiritual Light to sooth, calm and protect them. 
They'll go inside of their minds to calm and talk to their bodies, tell themselves what a great job they are doing and spend time with [in] their imagination. The time will go by quickly and they'll be calm, comfortable and cooperative the entire time. It turns the entire experience into something fun that they are doing, that the time spent stuck in the chair is special and the Dentist Light reminds them of their Spiritual Light. This goes perfectly with Dentist: Being Comfortable Meditation Kids.
If your children can sit for more than 20 minutes you may want to try the Dentist: In The Chair and the Dentist: Being Comfortable Meditation that are for any age.

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