This is a wonderful set for anyone who would like to accept help in their lives. If you're used to having to to do everything by yourself, this is a great set for you! You'll maintain your power and independence and accept help in any aspect of your life!
This is a great set for anyone that needs a bit of help or support with accepting success. You may use it for any aspect of your life, for anything that has to do with your perception of success.
$3.95 $15.95
Be a great closer! You'll eliminate any doubts and negative thoughts/actions/behaviors and stay focused on what you want. You'll expect to close every deal and feel great the entire time! Have Fun!
This download helps you with chatting~ with any person in any circumstance. You'll be comfortable with yourself and be able to start fabulous conversations! It 'deals with' everything to do with talking.
Being a good listener is so very important. All good conversations start and end with listening. This download helps you tune into and listen to yourself, increase your patience, calm you down and focus on kindness and politeness.
You know what you want. You know what you need. You are the one with the vision. This session helps you eliminate all of the chatter in your mind, get you focused on where you want to be and automatically filter out what will and won't work for you.
This Black Board focuses on the worry that things are not ever going to change or get better and erases and replaces negative business, clients and [the] economy programs with positive ones.
$3.95 $15.95
Focus on doing what you love! You'll open up your heart chakra and magnetize clients to you. You can listen to this download any and every time you need or want clients.
Changing careers can be scary and stressful. This download builds your confidence and resolve while eliminating any thoughts and behaviors that thwart you. Where ever you find yourself, this is made to help support you in your life and career changes.
This is a great download for anyone who has any challenges with computers, learning new operating systems, trouble remembering how you did what you did or where you put it, and want to eliminate frustration and increase your patience and creativity!
You can use these as a screensaver, on or in your social media postings, as a slide show or print them and put them everywhere!
You can manifest the job that is meant for you. Use this download to draw the job you've only dreamed of having into your life now. And, remember, that job wants to find you as much as you want to have it.
Stop getting distracted! If you get stuck online or caught up in social media and want to be able to limit yourself (automatically), get everything done that you planned on and need to, this is a great session. You'll use your time wisely and enjoy it.
Don't get stuck in the same dead-end feeling job again. If you've noticed you have had trouble at work or finding the right job, then is for you. You'll get rid of the negative thoughts and tendencies that hold you back from getting the job you want.
This is a wonderful set if you'd like to be more direct or need help getting to the point. This is great for anyone who wants to be more of a well-rounded communicator.
If you procrastinate or get lost in what you're doing, this set will work wonders for you! This is a great set to get you motivated to get online and get everything done that you need to. This set works for any aspect of your life.
Do you punish yourself or put yourself in compromising situations? Or if you've ever caught yourself wondering why someone would help or love you, or simply saying to yourself I don't deserve ____, then this download is for you!
Need a quick pick me up? Get your mind right for whatever is going on in your life!
This is hypnosis programming at its finest. You'll train yourself to have Instant Focus anytime that you want or need it~in any circumstance or situation. It's short, it's simple and all you have to do is listen and train yourself. This is great.
This is a fabulous set if you ever get stressed in the middle of any conversation or meeting. You get two downloads that help you change your programming and increase your confidence. Keeping any conversation going has never been so easy!
This is a great session for anyone who has audiobooks, lectures, seminars or speakers that they want to listen to but never seem to have the time, forget to turn them on or have any difficulty starting them, remembering them or even enjoying them.
If you like books and want to enjoy reading digital material, this download is for you! This is a fabulous session to make reading digital material enjoyable. You'll read faster, keep your body comfortable, and be able to adjust to any device, reading...
This is a wonderful set for everyone that deals with people~in any situation. You'll reprogram yourself so that you achieve what you want while you stay calm and confident.
Imagine filing your papers the moment you opened your mail, checked your email and filled out any and all forms as soon as you saw them. This download makes all paperwork (digital, too!), filing, and busy-work get done automatically.
This set will do wonders if you're the type of person who gets distracted, misplaces things or forgets what you just did. This set keeps you focused what you're doing, be more 'present and grounded' in your life and heightens your awareness of yourself...
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