Management Reprogramming Set

Download, Streaming, Dropbox®

This is a wonderful set for everyone that deals with people~in any situation. You'll reprogram yourself so that you achieve what you want while you stay calm and confident.

This set comes with three reprogramming downloads. Just use the ones that you need. 

Stop Micromanaging: If you have a tendency to micromanage (yourself or others) this is a wonderful download for you. You'll relax, still get what you need accomplished and stop micromanaging everyone and everything!

Start Managing More: If you're the type of person that doesn't stay on-top of people, things, or projects, this download will work wonders for you!

Eliminating Irritating Management Styles: Everyone has that person in their life that irritates them. That's what this one is for. If you have someone that bothers or interrupts you a lot, you're going to love this session. You'll never have to worry about them bothering you again! 

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