This visualization helps you change those old patterns and break those stubborn habits. You'll go down inside of your mind, You'll replace that 'old' way of doing things with what you want yourself to be. Change has never been so easy!
If you have trouble making the choice to eat right, this download just may be your golden ticket! Eat right for your body all year long by giving yourself the option to celebrate Eat Anything That You Want Day!
If you're not a shopper, having to do it~ online or out-and-about can be excruciating. This set helps you get in the mood, makes everything that you're doing feel simple and you'll get it done really fast! Enjoy!
Take a break! This download helps you reduce stress and anxiety, recharge and feel refreshed and handle the holidays with natural, healthy energy. The best part? You'll be in a great mood the entire season!
Make those healthy food choices automatic! You'll never have to worry about gaining weight or overeating during the holidays again. You'll feel good about all the choices you're making and eat to achieve your goals.
This is a great food download! If you have portion control challenges or feel slighted that you can't have this or that or if you catch yourself not making healthy choices, this download is for you! It emphasizes the holiday season. You'll make eating ...
$3.95 $15.95
This is great for any (or every!) holiday season. You'll naturally carve out time for yourself, complete all of your projects, be 'on' and polished for every event that you're attending. This download emphasizes staying on top of things, dealing with...
$3.95 $15.95
Enjoy Traveling this Season! This download gets you in the right mind frame, increases your patience, improves your luck (yay!) and, just simply, makes traveling for the holidays, what is should be... Fun and Easy.
Loving the holidays has never been so easy! If you need a bit of help with loving the holidays, this set is wonderful! It comes with two short sessions that give you the oomph you need to make every holiday wonderful!
We all have felt it... That I don't have the umph or that, "Oh, No! It's the Holidays!" feeling. :( This download helps you get out of 'that' mood and do something different this season! You focus on feeling great about you!
Make this your Best Year! This set to keeps you focused on all of your New Year Resolutions. The downloads reinforce what you want to create [this] year and fill you with motivation and confidence. They make achieving your goals a whole lot easier.
Happy International Women's Day, Ladies! What a wonderful time to celebrate being a woman, relax your mind and body and focus on your goals. Enjoy!
$0.00 $20.95
Happy 2018! The Year of The Brown Earth Dog. Let's get and keep you on track! Please enjoy this holiday guided meditation and many good thoughts to you as you accomplish your goals!
$0.00 $15.95
Happy 2017! The Year of The Red Fire Rooster. Let's get and keep you on track! Please enjoy this holiday guided meditation and many good thoughts to you as you accomplish your goals!
$0.00 $15.95
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