Get Up and Get Online

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If you procrastinate or get lost in what you're doing, this set will work wonders for you!
This is a great set to get you motivated to get online and get everything done that you need to. You can use it anytime that you need it and it works for any aspect of your life.

This set comes with two downloads:

Get Up and Get Online motivates you to get going and get all of your stuff done. It's a great pick me! It's short (7 minutes) so that you can fit in anywhere, anytime!
Get Up and Get Online Reprogramming helps you change those stubborn habits and negative thoughts. You'll want to get online, feel good about doing it and become more productive and efficient. 

We have another set that complements these downloads beautifully. Handling your Digital Life Set is found in our Soothing Sounds Line. Enjoy! 

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