Get Inspired! Set

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Do you need a little pick me up? Have you lost your inspiration, drive or passion? This picks you up and gets you back to where you want to be.

Get Inspired! This set comes with an affirmation eBook and two downloads.

Have fun!

Get Inspired! Energy
This is a short, quick and motivating download. (appx 15 min) You can use this one everyday or only when you need a burst of inspiration and energy.

Get Inspired! Programming
This download leads you into the programming center of your mind for you to change and release all the negatives (anything stopping or holding you back from what and who you want to be) and replace them with the positive thoughts and pictures you want. It reminds you that inspiration is Divine and once you eliminate your blocks, your [natural] energy and motivation return. so, if you need to feel inspired, listen to this download and you'll feel the weight of the world be lifted off of you... the result? You get that feeling back and, you... get moving and enjoying life [again]!

Positive Affirmation Image eBook
This 40 page eBook is full of images to remind you that you are powerful, in control and that you can change your life and Get Inspired! using affirmations. They match the downloads perfectly. You can use these as a screensaver, on or in your social media postings, as a slide show or print them and put them everywhere! You can use them all or just the ones you need at the time. Enjoy!

Please enjoy all of the Affirmation Image eBooks. We have created videos and slide shows for your enjoyment, entertainment and help you program your mind. Join us on YouTube at user/ChangesMadeEasy ♥ We have an Affirmation Image Playlist that has all the Affirmation Image eBooks (throughout the various download stores) and we have added a Playlist just for Kids!

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