Manifesting: Removing your Blocks, Large Affirmations

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Large Text Manifesting: Removing your Blocks Affirmations
This eBook has one set of well-centered, clear affirmation images in dark, large font. They're super easy to read! (You'll need to get The Manifesting: Removing your Blocks: A Bit of Blues if you'd like the matching affirmation diary.)

This 39 page affirmation image eBook is a great way to get yourself into the habit of using your affirmations and journaling. These are the same as the other Manifesting: Removing your Blocks Sets. Each are a little different. The affirmations are the same. Enjoy!

All of the affirmations in the Manifesting: Removing your Blocks are all the same. The sets and the number of pages vary with each design. All of the Affirmation and Diary Sets comes with: 2 Sets of Affirmation Image eBooks (different colors) and an affirmation diary. Click here to get the matching, complimentary set today

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