Money: The Last Piece of the Puzzle

$15.95 $3.95
Download, Streaming, Dropbox®

This is wonderful. If you've been working on anything and the missing piece of your creation is money... this download is for you! Plus, there's a bit of digital interference (Woo-Hoo that means it's on super sale!) and is a fantastic price. Enjoy!

Use this download for only one project, question, subject or situation at a time. Have a clear picture of what you want your end result to be. Have a pen and paper ready for all the visions and messages. It's short, use it each and everything you have a question or need direction.

Have Fun!

*Sale Price due to 'interference' in the recording.* There's a few glitchy 'beeps' ~ You actually may not even notice them. If you'll fixate on this, do not buy this download. If you're easy going about it, Have fun and enjoy this at a super low price! ;)

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