Happy Earth Day! for Kids Sample

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Free Guided Meditation Sample for Kids:
If you're wondering what the downloads that are made for kids are like, this is a great way to try it! Plus, this way you can check and see if they like this type of thing. :) Enjoy!

Happy Earth Day! for Kids Sample: They'll be walked through how to visualize (and find) their Spiritual Light and use it to fill the Earth. (It's different than the Happy Earth Day! for Kids.)
The recording got cut off 12 minutes in (it's not complete) so, rather than tossing it out, it gives you an opportunity to see if you like the children's stuff.

Light the Earth Guided Meditations and Classes teach you how to use your Spiritual Light to help the planet. All of the kids classes walk them through the process, teach them how to 'find' their Light, expand it and how to send it out to people and things. Click here to see the Children's Classes.

All the Light the Earth (found at Changes Made Easy .com) products remind us how important we are to the planet. You can help spread the word that Spiritual Light can restore balance… to our planet, our bodies and throughout our lives. Click here to visit the site.  

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