Putting Everything Aside (Sleep Hypnosis)

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Ack! It's bedtime! ... But there's so much to do, so many things to think about, so many... This download helps you put everything aside. We all get would up sometimes for one reason or another, this recording lets all parts of you know that it's okay and you'll attend to it tomorrow or when you are awake (during waking hours). You'll sooth yourself into deep, restful sleep and let go of everything and put it all aside. You'll even spend some time in your mind organizing it so it's easier to deal with it when you do get to it!

This great anytime you're having a restless night or have a bunch of stuff on your mind. We all need our own time to let the world fall away and let go of everything (well, at least so we can sleep at night!).

Happy Sleeping! 

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